Should you consider getting a degree chemical engineering?

By looking at the word chemical engineering if you would think of it as something about chemistry, but it isn’t the case as ChemE is mostly about mathematics and problem solving with little basic knowledge of chemistry. So straight up if you are not good with mathematics then ChemE may be a difficult option for you. Some of the subjects can be interesting and seem easy but for most part you will have to put in extensive efforts and subjects like Fluid mechanics and reaction engineering can be as hard as a class can be. Although the difficulty depends on how good your professors are but mostly you would have to put efforts.

Job opportunities after ChemE:
Now if you look up on the internet Chemical engineers are one of the highest paid professionals which is true for some part but these numbers come along with years of experience and a lot of struggle in early days. Job locations are mostly rural and away from cities, operations run 24/7 which means odd working hours but can vary depending upon your job role. Initially pay is decent and can increase along with experience. Its one of the most widely applicable engineering degrees with jobs spanning from oil and gas to green technology to food industry and many more.

Now for the question whether you should consider a degree in ChemE, the answer depends upon mainly your location and the university you are about to attend .Do your research, connect with other ChemE in your network and ask for their experience and then make your decision.

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